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Every Day Counts for Learning

This is the time of year when winter takes a toll on school attendance. Severe weather can sometimes make it difficult for parents to get their children to school and so can the illnesses that come with the season.  These absences, even if they are excused, can impact a student’s learning and add up to academic trouble Read More...

Update on Student Immunizations

Starting January 1, 2016 parents or guardians of students in any school (public and private) will no longer be allowed to submit a personal beliefs exemption to a currently-required vaccine. Personal beliefs exemptions (PBEs) filed before January 1, 2016 will remain valid until the student enrolls in the next grade span, typically at kindergarten (or transitional kindergarten) or 7th grade. If you have questions about the immunization requirements, please contact Helena Hallum, School Nurse, at 262-5627. Read More...

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