Our Mission


CLHS Interact Club Assists Lake County Hunger Task Force to “Stuff-a-Bus”

The Clear Lake High School Interact Club sponsored a canned food drive in October as part of the Stuff-A-Bus project. There were 428 cans of food donated over 2 weeks in English and government classes. This totaled 458 pounds of food donated to the Lake County Task Force by students. The fifth annual Stuff-a-Bus event was in honor of Make a Difference Day sponsored by the Lake County Hunger Task force, The Lake Transit Authority, and NCO Community Action. GREAT JOB CARDS!!!!   

Health Care For Families

The "all in"  campaign strives to equip education leaders with the tools they need to educate families and individuals affiliated with early learning, and after school programs  about the availability of health care coverage.  For information go to www.allinforhealth.org or read more about the program by clicking here: Health Care for All Families.