CTE Classes Provide Career Options for Students


The 2014-15 Beginning Woodshop Class with final project birdhouses. Teacher John Moorhead pictured left.

Clear Lake High School offers Career and Technical Education (CTE) programs to help prepare students for a range of careers. The program gives students a wider variety of educational choices and opportunities after graduation.  CLHS offered 3 CTE Pathways classes during the 2014-15 school year. Information and Support Services was taught by Adam Evans, Cabinetry, Millwork and Woodworking was taught by John Moorhead and Health Science and Medical Technology was taught by Peggy Tyson.  These classes will continue into the 2015-16 school year.

According to CLHS Principal Steve Gentry, “Each CTE class provides hands-on experience.  The Information and Support Services Program is articulated with Mendocino College. The Cabinetry, Millwork, and Woodworking class is articulated with College of the Redwoods. Students in the Health Science and Medical Technology classes have the opportunity to work in the volunteer program at Sutter Health Lakeside Hospital.” High school students involved in CTE classes are more engaged, perform better and have higher graduation rates.

John Moorhead has been teaching the Cabinetry, Millwork and Woodworking CTE class at CLHS for about 8 years. Moorhead graduated from CLHS in 1976 and says, “I always wanted to teach at CLHS. I was very much a ‘shop rat’ while I was student… in fact, I still am! During their educational careers, students are mostly sitting behind a desk.  It’s not the nature of young people to sit quietly for the bulk of the day.  Woodshop gives students an active, participatory class in which they are creating a physical object and learning the fundamentals of safe work habits and tool use.”

 Woodshop and all of the CTE programs give students a head start on preparing for college and careers. Core subjects like math, science and writing are used in real life situations.  Students are able to earn a sense of pride and accomplishment as they witness the tangible results of their work while gaining experience in their field of interest. Moorhead adds, “If high school is about exposing students to a broad palette of educational and career choices, CTE programs should be a larger part of that mix. We’re working to create smart, multi-talented graduates who received a quality education on a broad range of topics. This can only help our community and ultimately, help society as a whole. ”

 To learn more about Clear Lake High School’s Career and Technical Education programs, call CLHS school at 707-262-3010.