Food Services

What’s on our plate for the 2019-2020 School Year

We are excited about our role in contributing to a learning environment that includes teaching children how they can eat healthy!  Our goal for this school year is to successfully incorporate the new nutrition standards into our meals, model healthful foods that students enjoy and encourage families to embrace the changes in meals and snacks served at school.

The Lakeport Unified School District (LUSD) offers well-balanced, nutritious and attractive meals to our students each day. It is well known that students perform better and feel better if consistent eating patterns are a routine part of their day. Our Food Services Department plays an important role in the educational curriculum as it establishes a good example for healthy eating habits and introduces new foods.

  Under new National School Lunch Program nutrition  standards, school lunches must now include a choice of milk, fruits and vegetables, grains and proteins. Our breakfasts and lunches also meet federal nutrition standards by limiting fat and portion sizes. In the LUSD cafeterias we are meeting these requirements and going above and beyond to make school meals healthy and enticing for students through ethnic menu choices, school gardens, farm to school programs, vegetarian options, gluten free options and many more.

To assist in meeting new regulations, the Food Services Department is excited to announce that we are now using the NUTRIKIDS software program, the leading provider of food service management products and support for school districts serving grades K-12. This computer software program offers resources to support staff in being more effective with menu planning, identifying recipes, ordering food, maintaining records, and monitoring nutrition requirements so they have time for more important things, like serving children.

 A Change in the Menu

Here are some examples of the positive changes we are making:

  •  More foods are being prepared from scratch.
  •  Foods are served that are low fat and low sugar;no items are deep fried.
  •  Breads served are whole wheat and high fiber. Even our pizza crusts have whole grain and are topped with low fat meat and cheese.
  • Two servings of fresh fruits and garden vegetables are offered daily.
  • All students are enjoying a salad bar with a wide variety of vegetables daily .
  •  The District Wellness Committee championed the development of a new policy for foods that are allowed on campus for school activities, emphasizing healthy snacks.

 We Want to Hear From You

The Food Services team wants to hear ideas from students, parents and school staff about how we can enhance our department. What are your kid’s favorite meals? How do you successfully entice your children to eat healthy foods?

 Please email your comments and suggestions to:  Director Carolyn Rideout at or call 262-3028.

Meal Prices

Grades K-12 Breakfast $2.00
Grades K-8 Lunch $2.50
Grades  9-12 Lunch $3.00
All Grades
Reduced  Priced Breakfast $0.30
Reduced Price Lunch $0.40