Lakeport Alternative School (Homeschool)

                                                          “Every Student Every Day”


Welcome to Lakeport Alternative Education Center Schools-Community Day School, Natural High School and Lakeport Alternative Schools, schools that provide alternative education settings to students opening opportunities for success for all.  Every Student Every Day.

At Lakeport Alternative Education Center Schools, we teach students.  Student learning is our main focus. It is our priority to provide students the opportunity to succeed in areas that will teach life skills and academics in order to develop skills for their post-secondary education or job setting.

Our vision is Every Student Every Day.  Our mission of Lakeport Alternative Education Center is to meet the unique educational, social and emotional needs of our diverse student population in a safe and nurturing environment to encourage students to develop an enthusiasm for life-long learning and pursue post-high school opportunities.  We only have three main areas of expectation for students: Be Safe, Be Responsible, Be Considerate.

One of the most important lessons that students will take away from here is that you are responsible for all of your decisions, actions and behaviors.  Your true character emerges when you’re faced with adversity. We acknowledge that we must not point fingers, or blame others for our misfortune, but have the need to realize that our life, our decisions, and our future direction is influenced from our own initiative; only then will we have grown.  We encourage ongoing communication between our student, teachers, principal, and parents regarding any decisions and actions that will affect student achievement at Lakeport Alternative Education Center schools.

At Lakeport Alternative Education Center schools, Every Student Every Day, will have opportunities to develop personal abilities, skills, potential, and a foundation for what is expected for future success in college or career.


Nicole Wells, Principal
Lakeport Unified School District