Maintenance, Operations and Transportation Department (MOT)



The transportation staff at the Lakeport Unified School District consists of bus drivers, a bus mechanic and a state certified instructor who are well-trained professionals and have received state-mandated training and testing. These people constantly maintain their professionalism and readiness to support the students that they come in contact with daily. They are the first to meet the students and the last ones to say good-bye at the end of the day.

Maintenance, Operations and Technology

Welcome to the Maintenance and Operations Department of the Lakeport Unified School District. Our goal is to provide and maintain a safe, efficient and clean learning environment for students and staff at all of our sites. We are  fortunate to have  motivated  staff who have tremendous pride in their work.  Our focus is to provide facilities, playgrounds and athletic fields that everyone can use and enjoy.

Our department provides the following services:

  • Facilities maintenance, custodial services and grounds maintenance
  • Operations and technology
  • Planning & construction

Our responsibilities include:

–  General maintenance, major repairs and land/system improvements.

–  Master planning and forecasting district facilities needs.

–  Modernizing schools and building new school facilities.

–  Special project requests for minor site improvements by students, families and volunteers.

MOT Projects

Clear Lake High School – Newly Re-Finished Floor for the Gym


Terrace Middle School – Walk-in Cold Storage

Walk-in cooler

Lakeport Elementary – New Parking Lot with Solar Canopy

Elementary School Parking Lot PavingElementary School Solar

Marge Alakszay Center (MAC)

MAC in the evening

MAC in the evening

MAC LIFT-BOW-STRING-TRUSS-MAC InteriorMAC Bleachers #1MAC ADA Path to Softball Field


Solar Power Production

Click a link below to view graphs of our current solar production.

Clear Lake High

Upper Terrace

Lower Terrace

Lakeport Elementary

District Office

Summary of the Solar Production Project

The Lakeport Unified School District is expected to cut its annual electric bill by 33 percent and save more than $2 million over the next two decades thanks to a new solar project completed in November 2013.

Lakeport Unified has entered into an agreement with SolarCity to power three schools and the district office with renewable energy.

The district paid nothing up front under its 20-year power purchase agreement with SolarCity, a leading provider of clean energy that has installed more than 2,400 solar panels totaling 582 kilowatts of solar power at the four district facilities.

The solar systems are expected to save the district roughly $60,000 in their first year alone, and reduce the district’s carbon emissions by nearly 17 million pounds over the 20-year contract term, which is equivalent to planting 729,000 trees.


Pictured above is the solar panel array overlooking the Clear Lake High School field. This array produces power for Terrace Middle School (lower campus).

Pictured above is the solar panel array located in the Lakeport Elementary School parking lot. This array produces power for the Lakeport Elementary School


Pictured above is the solar panel array located on the hillside  at the Terrace Upper Campus. This array produces power for  Clear Lake High School, Terrace Upper Campus and the District Office.

MOT Staff

Here are just a few of the hard workers behind the scenes at the Lakeport Unified School District.

Dave Norris, Director of Operations

Dave Norris, Director

Dave Ferrell, Fleet Mechanic

Dave Ferrell, Fleet Mechanic

Phil Oiler, Grounds Keeper

Phil Oiler, Groundskeeper

Darren Wells, Skilled Maintenance

Darren Wells, Skilled Maintenance

Racheal Musseau, MOT Secretary

Racheal Musseau, Secretary

Tim Morin, Custodial Staff

Tim Morin, Custodial Staff

Luis Martinez, Custodial Staff

Luis Martinez, Custodial Staff

Kevin Medina, Custodial Staff

Kevin Medina, Custodial Staff

Janice Donaldson and Digger Oswald, Custodial Staff

Jennifer Campbell and Digger Oswald, Custodial Staff

Dan Swaney, Custodial Staff

Dan Swaney, Custodial Staff

Aaron Desselle, Technology Coordinator

Aaron Desselle, Technology  & Telecommunications Coordinator