Improvements through T Bond Measure

The Measure T Bond Program at Lakeport Unified School District will thrust its schools into the 21st century with projects to modernize the schools and facilities to enhance the learning environment. The bond measure was voted on in the November 2014 election and permitted $17 million to LUSD for the significant and lasting improvements that will benefit the students.

On October 29th, a special school board meeting was held to present the Master Plan to the LUSD school board for approval. Several projects were presented by Gwin Stumbaugh from TLCD Architecture. TLCD Architecture has been designing architecture and interiors for 50 years and has done several education sites, including sites in Lake County. The bond will focus on areas that need improvement, such as, ADA compliance, traffic flow, pool complex rehabilitation, electrical systems, water/sewer/storm drains and FEMA designated flood areas. Stumbaugh presented plans for better vehicle and pedestrian circulation, new buildings, modernizations of existing buildings, new landscaping, a central kitchen located at the high school, a new fitness building, improvements to the pool complex and tennis courts, and 21st century classrooms.

Dave Norris, Director of Maintenance, and Mike Adams, MBA Consulting, presented how these plans would be implemented. Many needs were considered to prioritize the projects, including student needs, community expectation and safety. The sequence of the projects will be determined by immediate need, project distribution of school operations and cash flow. Two phases have been created to complete the projects.

Phase 1 consists of a food service facility for Clear Lake High School. This facility will be a central kitchen and will also create opportunities to create culinary arts classes. In addition, the high school will receive an upgraded irrigation system. Terrace Middle School will acquire a new learning center and a student quad area will be developed. Their upper campus will get ramps to comply with ADA regulations. Lakeport Elementary School will get 21st century upgrades to technology and classroom furnishings. These projects will be scheduled to limit school disruptions by utilizing holiday and summer breaks.

Phase 2 will be based on the second sale of bonds and overall cost of construction. This phase intends to accomplish projects such as, rehabilitation of the tennis courts and Westshore pool complex and upgrade the high school and the middle school with 21st century technology and classroom furnishings. There will be a new fitness facility at the high school to replace the old weight room. Lastly, the vehicle and pedestrian circulation will be improved.

Norris and Adams have implemented a 10% contingency plan, so that funds are reserved for unforeseen issues. In addition, the final finishing’s may be downgraded to lower the overall cost.

The Master Plan was approved by the school board and all projects are proposed to be complete by 2018.

For more information on the Measure T Bond Program at LUSD, visit or call the district office at (707) 262-3000.