Measure T Bond Program

The $17 million bond measure that was passed in November 2014 will allow LUSD to modernize its schools and facilities and enhance the learning environment in every school by creating 21st Century classrooms.  Through this program, our district will make significant and lasting improvements that will benefit every student.

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Bond Program News

Summer 2015:

Our first construction project at Terrace Middle School was completed.  We installed new door entries, rain gutters, drains, ramps and sidewalks in the front wing of the school.  Students now have shelter from the weather and smooth sidewalks when walking between classes.

Summer 2016:

Beautiful new furniture was purchased for all classrooms at Lakeport Elementary School and the library.

A new ramp was installed at Terrace Middle School to give all of our 4th and 5th grade students better access to their playground and basketball courts.  Four portable classrooms were also demolished at the lower campus, and the remaining portables relocated to give space for the construction of the new library/learning center.

The Clear Lake High School office was renovated to provide a more inviting and efficient space for students, parents and staff members.

Fall 2016:

TLCD Architects worked with a committee of Clear Lake High School and District representatives to design the CLHS Food Services project.  The new facility will feature a state of the art central kitchen for the entire district as well as indoor and outdoor dining for students. The plans were submitted to the Department of State Architecture (DSA) in November and construction is expected to begin at the site in early spring 2017.

Winter 2016:

TLCD Architects also worked with a committee of Terrace Middle School and district representatives to design a new library/learning center for our 4th-8th grade students. The project plans will be submitted to DSA in January 2017 and construction is expected to begin in the summer of 2017.

Classrooms at Lakeport Elementary School and Terrace Middle School had short-throw projectors installed (if they did not already have existing ceiling mounted projectors). The interactive technology enhances student learning and better prepares our students for college and careers in the 21st century.

Fall 2017:

At Clear Lake High School, a new Central Kitchen facility which will produce meals for the entire district as well as provide indoor and outdoor dining for students began construction. This facility utilizes the former auto shop and classroom space and will also be used as an added culinary class for high school students.

Spring 2018:

At Terrace Middle School construction began with the relocation of 4 existing modular classrooms and the addition of two new replacement classrooms. The scope of this work included raising the final grade to an elevation that is above the flood plain. The classrooms were set on permanent foundations and a sidewalk system with ADA ramp and stairs were built.

Summer and Fall 2018:

At Terrace Middle School the new Learning Resource Center and Central Quad for our 4th-8th grade students is under construction and is expected to be completed in January of 2019.

At Clear Lake High School the Central Kitchen facility, indoor and outdoor dining space and culinary class were completed. This new facility has been well received by students and staff.

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Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee

A Citizens’ Bond Oversight Committee was established to provide a high level of accountability and transparency in the implementation of the LUSD Bond Program.  The committee independently reviews expenditures for each of the capital improvement projects.  

Message from the Superintendent

On behalf of the Lakeport Unified School District, it is my honor and pleasure to thank our community for the tremendous support that led to and resulted in the passage of Measure T.  I would like to express deep appreciation to all of those who helped with the initiative and in particular:

Bond Campaign Committee Members

  • Dan Camacho, parent
  • Lori Erickson, parent
  • Jen Hanson, parent
  • Lori Holmes, board member
  • Tina Scott, former board member
  • Linda Slockbower, business manager

Community Members Who Submitted An Argument in Favor on the Ballot

  • Bill Brunetti
  • Tom Engstrom
  • Karan Mackey
  • Michelle Scully
  • Elyse Donald

As a result of the community-wide efforts and voter support, LUSD now has the financial resources to maintain its standing as an exceptional school district, fostering student success and enjoying the benefit of community support.

Many thanks to all!

Erin Smith-Hagberg, Superintendent