Message from the Superintendent

Hello Everyone,

Happy New Year 2018!  I hope your families shared a wonderful Christmas.  

We have now had a second mountain lion sighting on our campus by a local neighbor.  This time the mountain lion was by the water tank located behind the softball field.  Our police chief sent Fish and Game out to investigate.  Fish and Game did not see the mountain lion or a den, but did see a lot of deer trails and other wildlife that the mountain lion may be preying upon.  It is reasonable to believe that the mountain lion is going to the lake for water and roaming through the brushy area at the perimeter of our property.

Our maintenance staff will be assessing the locations of the sightings so we can remove any brush for the lion to hide.  We all need to stay vigilant while we are on campus and in the neighborhood.  Hopefully this lion will eventually be captured and removed from our area.

I look forward to seeing everyone when school starts on January 2nd.

April Leiferman