PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff

Currently, most of the city of Lakeport is under threat of a PG&E Public Safety Power Shutoff, according to the PG&E impact map (…/natura…/wildfires/ We continue to monitor the situation closely in connection with the Lake County Office of Education and Lakeport Fire and Police Departments. We will send out updates to parents and staff as we receive more information. Our current plan is that if the electricity goes out while students are in school, we will finish the school day. Should the power be shut down outside of school hours we will not hold school that day. We determine the start of the school day to be 6:00am when our school buses go out to start picking up students, therefore if we have no power at 6:00am, all schools will be closed until the power is restored. We will send out communications through our student information system as well as post it on our website and Facebook page. In order to ensure that you are receiving our district messages, please log into your Aeries parent portal and check that all of your email and phone number information is correct in the portal.

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