Terrace Middle School Projects


Summer, 2015

Our first construction project at Terrace Middle School was completed.  We installed new door entries, rain gutters, drains, ramps and sidewalks in the front wing of the school.  Students now have shelter from the weather and smooth sidewalks when walking between classes.

Before Construction

Pre-Construction    Pre-Construction 2  

During Construction

Construction Underway    Construction Underway2    Making Room

Construction is FINISHED!

Terrace Finished2      Terrace Finished1       


Summer, 2016:

A new ramp was installed at Terrace Middle School to give all of our 4th and 5th grade students better access to their playground and basketball courts.  Four portable classrooms were also demolished at the lower campus, and the remaining portables relocated to give space for the construction of the new library/learning center.

Before Construction


During Construction

During TMS const




TMS project






Construction is Finished!











Winter, 2016

Classrooms at Terrace Middle School had short-throw projectors installed (if they did not already have existing ceiling mounted projectors).  The interactive technology enhances student learning and better prepares our students for college and careers in the 21st century.



Staff and the community can continue to stay informed about the progress of the bond projects by accessing the Measure T Bond webpage on the district website.