• Vocal Music Chorus

    Course Rational
    A music education benefits both the student and society. It develops the whole person, building upon many kinds of literacy. This requires not merely an active mind, but a trained one. A comprehensive music education promotes self-expression, self-motivation, and the self-discipline necessary for success in life.

    Course Description
    This yearlong course will explore the fundamentals of good choral singing, which includes pitch, tone, rhythm, diction, healthy vocal production, part-singing, sight singing, music history and theory. This course is based on the California State Standards for Music and may be used to fulfill the Visual and Performing Arts UC requirement.

    Your grade will be based upon your contribution to the success of the choir, and not on your ability to sing. Your grade will be based on how hard you work, your professional behavior as a musician, and your attendance at performances.

    Chorus Grade
    Class/Concert Participation 70%
    Tests 20%
    Projects 10%

    Everyone will start out with and A+ in participation. You will have two days a semester in which you are not required to participate due to absence, illness, or personal reasons. After that, every day in which you do not participate will result in your participation grade being lowered.