• Transportation 

    The Lakeport Unified School District transportation staff consists of nine bus drivers, a fleet mechanic, and two state-certified school bus driver instructors, all of whom have received state-mandated training and testing and are well-trained professionals. These people constantly maintain their professionalism and readiness to support the students that they come in contact with daily. They are the first to meet the students and the last ones to say goodbye at the end of the day.

    We must have a Bus Stop Form completed prior to your student riding the bus. 

    Please fill out this form to request bus transportation for your student. If you have any questions, you can contact our Transportation Department at (707) 262-3022.

    Transportation Safety Plan

    Transportation Waiver-COVID Protocols 

    Bus Evacuation Videos:  https://safetyvideos.org/prepaid/view.php?token=d08ce561d204506fad18dc78cd5beebc6a4b0254




    Dan Camacho, Director of MOT

    Janet Perry, MOT Secretary

    Mike Benitez, Bus Driver/Custodian

    Jennifer Campbell, Bus Driver/Custodian

    Rueben DeLoatch, Bus Driver/Custodian

    Landi Elliott, Bus Driver/Custodian

    Ricardo Jimenez, Mechanic

    Tim Morin, Bus Driver/Custodian

    Shanon Mull, Transportation Specialist

    Jessie Torrey-Greer, Bus Driver/Custodian


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