• Daily Schedule


    8:15-8:40 – Attendance, Warm-up journal writing

    8:40-9 – Calendar and song

    9-9:30 – Reading groups

    9:30-9:45 – Snack

    9:50-10:05 – Recess

    10:10 – 10:40 – Centers

    10:45-11:25 - Theme unit instruction

    11:25 – 12:05 - Lunch

    12:10 – 12:30 – Quiet Time

    12:30-1:10 – Math/Science

    1:15 – 1:30 – Recess

    1:30 – 2:00 – Reading, kindness chain, secret tiger, and of the day work packet.



    Wednesday – Library

    Wednesday – Computer Lab

    Thursday – Music

Classroom Management

  • Classroom Management Plan 

    Clip chart – Individual and group

    Each student has his/her own clip. Table groups also have a clip. By following the classroom rules, being kind and helpful they can earn their way up the chart. Once they reach the top they earn a jewel on their clip. After four jewels their clip goes on the prize box and on Friday they have earned trip into the prize box. After they get their prize their clip moves to the “Ribbon of Fame” it stays there the rest of the year for all to see.   Once their clip moves to the prize box they receive a new clip and start working their way up the chart again. At the end of each day their clip stays on the color they eared unless they moved down (I hardly ever move a clip down), if they move down, they have a consequence, if they end the day with their clip down the chart they start on Ready To Learn the next day. Each day is a chance to start fresh and work up the chart.


    Secret Tiger – Individual

    In the morning before the kids arrive, I choose two students. I call them my “Secret Tigers,” these are the students I am secretly watching all day to make sure they are respectful, responsible, safe and kind. If they show me they can follow all the school rules at the end of the day they will receive a tiger buck. If the Secret Tiger break a rule they do not get the buck, but the class never knows who the secret tiger is, so no one gets upset, they just have to wonder if it was them.


    Helpers – Individual

    Reasonability and accountably for keeping classroom clean and respecting our supplies

    Each week I choose a table helper. This helper is responsible for everything (snack, cleanup, getting supplies ect.) I also choose a lights person for the week, they are responsible for turning the lights on and off for dances and quiet time.


    Kindness Chain – Whole group

    At the end of each day, we talk about the kind things that someone did or said throughout the day. The rules for the kindness chain are they cannot tell me something they did, they can tell me something someone else did for them or a kind word/compliment that was given to them. I write the kind things down on a slip of paper and put it on our classroom chain. We try to see how long our chain can get throughout the year. Often times if I hear or see a really kind act I will stop and write up a kindness slip to add to our chain.


    Marble Jar – Whole group

    Students earn marbles for random various kind acts or positive behaviors.   Once they fill the jar we brainstorm rewards, I write their ideas on the board and we take a vote. The idea with the most vote wins.

    Examples of ways to earn marbles: whole class engagement, hardworking students, great listening and following directions, and being kind to others.



    Bell – Whole Group

    When I ring the bell they freeze. I say, “hands on top” students say, “everybody stops.”

    Their hands go on their head and they are quiet until I am done talking.


    Call and response – Whole group

    Teacher – “class, class”

    Students – “yes, yes”


    Lights go off - Whole group

    Students freeze and get silent


    Line up – Whole Group

    They are each assigned a number; this helps with arguments for the front and back of the line. Students stand on their number spot. I then do an echo poem

    “Hands down, turn around, face the door, say no more.” Students repeat after me, once quiet we walk.