• First time bus riders, please print and fill out this form:  School Bus Stop Assignment and Change Form.  Click here for the Spanish version.

    Schools are not required by the state of California to offer transportation to regular education students. However, the Lakeport Unified is continuing to offer limited bus service to students residing in service areas. Reductions have been made to the afternoon bus routes in order to stay within the confines of our transportation budget.

    All students will continue to receive bus service on all morning routes. See bus schedules for the stop nearest to you.

    Students who live beyond the non-service area will be eligible for afternoon bus riding privileges.

    Non-service area for Grades Kindergarten – 6th: 2 miles

    Non-service area for Grades 7th – 12th: 2.25 miles

    The 2 mile boundary lines are as follows:

    Lakeport Blvd. to the south.

    Hwy 29 to the west.

    Park Way to the north.