• Bus Stop Procedures

    Students are expected to conduct themselves appropriately while at the bus stop or walking to and from the bus stop.

    1. Students should be at the bus stop at least (5) five minutes before the scheduled bus arrival time. If a student is late and needs to cross the road to board the bus, they must wait for driver to give instructions and escort the student across the road.
    2. Students who must walk to the bus stop should walk facing traffic and use caution. Use sidewalks if provided, look both ways and listen before crossing the street (do not run out into the street).
    3. Students should not talk to strangers or accept a ride from any stranger.
    4. Line up for the bus; keep your hands to yourself.
    5. Students must not damage personal property (plants, rocks, fences etc.) or litter.
    6. Students must not cut across private property when walking to or from the stop.
    7. When loading the bus, always use the handrails when climbing up the steps.
    8. Students must go directly to their seats without pushing or shoving.

    If you plan to pick up your child at an afternoon bus stop be aware that the scheduled time of arrival is an approximate time. Buses generally run on schedule, however actual delivery time may vary due to the following reasons; drivers may have to stop the bus to deal with a student safety issue, road detour, adverse weather conditions, etc. It is recommended that you arrive at least 5 minutes early to meet your child.

    A parent or guardian must be at the bus stop to receive their Kindergarten student. Arrangements can be made to allow your kindergarten to depart the bus with a sibling or another student by providing a note to the driver. If no one is present at the bus stop to receive your kindergartner the bus driver will keep them on the bus and the school will be notified.

    If a student needs to depart at a bus stop other than their regular bus stop the parent or guardian must send a note with the student to give to the driver. The note must include the bus #, name and address of the stop, date, and a signature of the parent or guardian.

    Before planning to send a large group of students on any bus to have them transported to events such as birthday parties, scout meetings, etc. you must contact the Transportation Department at 262-3022, to find out if there is adequate space available on that particular bus. Students riding home from school have priority over students going to extracurricular activities.

    School Bus Danger Zone

    Most school bus incidents occur when children disembark from the bus and disappear from the driver’s view.

    The most dangerous area for children is the School Bus Danger Zone that extends 10 feet from the bus in all directions. When leaving the bus, children should walk 10 feet, or as far as possible before turning. Once clear of the danger zone, students should never re-enter this dangerous area without first getting permission from the driver.

    Children should never approach the right rear of the bus. Small or stooping children sometimes cannot be seen by the driver.