• You Can Help Us with Traffic

    By following the school’s directions, parents and guardians can help provide a smooth flow of traffic at our schools during the morning drop-off and afternoon pickup times. Please use appropriate pickup and drop-off areas, follow the directions of school staff, and follow traffic laws around school. Vehicles that are double-parked, stopped in crosswalks, or parked in restricted zones – such as those for loading and unloading school buses – create unsafe conditions for students, parents and motorists. These conditions make it difficult for children and other motorists to see each other, which can lead to accidents and injuries. It is better to wait a few seconds for a more secure drop-off or pickup location than to stop where children need to dart across busy streets, or hold up traffic while picking up or dropping off students in the street.

    The traffic situations you experience at your child’s school are also part of the day-to-day problem our school bus drivers deal with every day while charged with the safe travel of their riders. Please do not block the path of a school bus with your vehicle or drive alongside the bus trying to get the driver’s attention.

    Children can be safely picked up and dropped off at school and bus stops, but they need your help. Parents should always comply with speed limits, parking signs, and traffic direction. With your help, we can all travel in and around our schools safely.