Notice to all students, parents/guardians, and employees of the Lakeport Unified School District:

    Assembly Bill 2260 went into effect on January 1, 2001.  This legislation enacted Education Code sections 17608 et seq. which require, among other things, that school districts notify parents and staff about the use of pesticides at school.  The purpose of this legislation is to reduce exposure to toxic pesticides through information and the application of an integrated pest management system at schools.  Towards this end, and pursuant to the requirements of this legislation, please be advised of the following:

    The Lakeport Unified School District expects to use the following pesticides at its campuses during the upcoming year:

    Pesticide Name                                                            E.P.A. Reg. Number                            Active Ingredient(s)


    Sureguard Herbicide                                        59639-120                                           Flumioxazin

    Upside Pro EC Insecticide                                 70506-19                                             Cypermethrin

    Cynoff EC Insecticide                                       279-3081                                             Cypermethrin

    Wasp Freeze                                                   499-362                                               d-trans Allethrin

    Contrae Blox                                                   12455-79                                             Bromadiolone

    Maxforce FC Bait Stations                                 432-1256                                             Fipronil           

    Termidor                                                         7969-210                                             Fipronil

    Phantom                                                         241-392                                               Cholorfenpyr

    Garlon 4 Ultra                                                  62719-527                                           Triclopyr: 3,5,6-trichloro

                                                                                                                                     2-pyridinyloxyacetic acid



    Parents/guardians of the Lakeport Unified School District can register with the District’s designee, Director of Buildings and Grounds, to receive notification of individual pesticide applications by calling (707) 262-3022.  Persons who register for this notification shall be notified at least seventy-two (72) hours prior to the application, except in emergencies, and will be provided the name and active ingredient(s) of the pesticide as well as the intended date of application.

    If you wish to access information on pesticides and pesticide use reduction developed by the Department of Pesticide Regulation pursuant to California Food and Agricultural Code section 13184, you can do so by accessing the Department’s website at www.cdpr.ca.gov.